We are the first subscription record club dedicated to lusophone music. We press high-quality, limited, exclusive editions with editorial content, all made in Portugal.

We think about lusophony not as a limiting concept or a controversial cut. We are born amidst this dialogue space, looking to value the cultural and linguistic richness of these universes connected by the lusophone premise.

We embrace the diversity of dialects that permeates Brazilian accents, the slang and rhythms from Northern to Southern Portugal, the verbal flair of every Cape Verdean island and the ancestral languages of the PALOP community.

To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of lusophone countries throughout generations is more than a mission: it’s our DNA. In an ever-evolving context that recognizes diversity and social questions, we value a different kind of globalization. One that blossoms amidst differences and shines in the power of nuance. And while there’s no one language, there’s an ocean of understanding and belonging.

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